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Northern virginia black attorneys association


Upcoming events

    • August 24, 2023
    • August 26, 2023
    • The Salamander Resort
    • 9

    NOVABAA's 40th Anniversary Extravaganza

    This is it Saints! It's Official!  Registration is now open!   Forty years ago, a handful of intrepid African American attorneys, dismayed at the disrespect they'd received at a local bar association, sought to create something special.  Their goal was to create a bar association of their own that would serve as a safe space for African American Attorneys, and likewise foster advancement opportunities for African Americans, and other people of color in the legal community.

    The organization that was subsequently created was the Northern Virginia Black Attorneys' Association, or "NOVABAA" for short. From huddled dinner meetings at an Alexandria restaurant in the Fall of 1982 to boasting over 200 members in 2022, NOVABAA has come a very long way.  We expect to showcase the story of NOVABAA's origin and development over the course of the next year, and we believe that you will be as pleased at we are at our programming and lineup of events.

    We will be hosting our 40th Anniversary Celebration NOVABAA Convention at the World Famous Salamander Resort this August from the 24th to the 25th.  We will have LOTS of educational, recreational, and relaxational (is that even a word? I'm running with it because I'm on a roll...) events for the Saints to engage in.  From CLE by top notch presenters, to presentations on health, and mental health, as well as relaxation, meditation and yoga - we expect to knock your socks off!

    Thursday evening NOVABAA will celebrate the retirement of one of our beloved founders, Hon. William T. Newman, Jr.  That event will be deejayed by the Pride of Heritage High School, NOVABAA's own DJ 5800, aka Hon. Dontae L. Bugg on the wheels of steel!  The celebration continues on Friday with relaxation and CLE programming, along with our President's Luncheon honoring the tremendous progress NOVABAA has made within the last 40 years. The Keynote Speaker for the luncheon will be Chief Justice of the Virginia Supreme Court, Hon. S. Bernard Goodwyn.  

    We will close out our celebration with another party, with NOVABAA's own Hon. Dontae L. Bugg once again on the Wheels of Steel, with an 1980's themed party (in honor of the year of our founding) to bring the event to a close.  This is absolutely, positively, an event you do not want to miss!  We will have a photographer, photo booth, and several special invited guests at the reception. We look forward to some incredible days of fun, education and relaxation with the NOVABAA brothers, sisters and guests!  

    Sponsorship opportunities are available, if you or your firm might be interested in sponsoring our 40th Anniversary NOVABAA convention, please click here.  The EARLY BIRD cost for NOVABAA members is $300.  Registration for Non-Members is $400. The Salamander has graciously rolled out the red carpet for NOVABAA, and there is a block of discounted rooms available for our guests on a first come, first serve basis!  The link and discount code to reserve your room will be provided upon your registration for the event.  There are LIMITED Early Bird tickets available, and Early Bird Pricing expires at midnight on June 15!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at president@novabaa.org.  Also, stay tuned to NOVABAA's website for updates!

    Sponsorship opportunities are still available, if you or your firm might be interested in serving as 40th Anniversary partners for this tremendous event, please contact me at president@novabaa.org.  We have a number of sponsorship levels with varying levels of exposure.  If you have questions, please contact me ASAP. 

    Again, to register for the 40th Anniversary Celebration, you may do so by clicking here. Study long, study wrong!  See you there!

Past events

May 12, 2023 NOVABAA Professional Portraits and Headshots
April 10, 2023 Exploring Careers in the EDVA
March 14, 2023 NOVABAA's Legislative Roundtable
February 22, 2023 AUSA Informational Meeting with U.S. Attorney Jessica Aber
February 20, 2023 NOVABAA's 2nd Annual Black History Month Brunch
December 08, 2022 NOVABAA 40th Anniversary Kickoff & Holiday Party
November 22, 2022 NOVABAA Elections '22
October 18, 2022 NOVABAA Special Meeting: Dues (30 Minutes)
September 20, 2022 NOVABAA Bylaws Meeting
September 15, 2022 NOVABAA Convention at National Harbor
September 10, 2022 Community Service Program with APABA and HBA
August 09, 2022 NOVABAA Bylaws Meeting
July 21, 2022 Business Development for the Black Lawyer
June 20, 2022 NOVABAA's Juneteenth Celebration
June 14, 2022 NOVABAA General Body Meeting
May 25, 2022 NOVABAA Women's Day
May 22, 2022 NOVABAA Day of Worship
May 21, 2022 The DMV Black Bar Associations' Joint Top Golf Event
May 18, 2022 NOVABAA's Mental Health Awareness Program
May 12, 2022 Lavonda's Going Away Party
May 04, 2022 NOVABAA's 2nd Annual EDVA Group Admission Ceremony
April 24, 2022 NOVABAA's Day at the Shooting Range
April 19, 2022 NOVABAA SCOTUS Bar Group Admission
April 15, 2022 NOVABAA Professional Portraits and Headshots
April 04, 2022 NOVABAA Stews & Brews (Social)
April 02, 2022 Prince William County Bar Association's Bench Bar Dinner
April 01, 2022 NOVABAA's April Fitness Challenge
March 29, 2022 NOVABAA Virtual Trivia Night
March 27, 2022 NOVABAA Day of Worship
March 05, 2022 Fairfax Bar Association's Bench Bar Dinner
February 20, 2022 NOVABAA Black History Month Brunch
February 08, 2022 NOVABAA BLSA Book Award
February 08, 2022 NOVABAA General Body Meeting
February 01, 2022 Executive Board Meeting
February 01, 2022 NOVABAA's February Fitness Challenge
December 20, 2021 NOVABAA Family Fun Night
December 19, 2021 NOVABAA Social: "How I Learned What I Learned"
November 03, 2021 George Mason University Law Student / NOVABAA Happy Hour
October 29, 2021 NOVABAA's Annual CLE
October 13, 2021 Pivoting Practice Areas as a Public Sector Attorney
September 08, 2021 NOVABAA's Fairfax Circuit Court Judicial Screening Committee
August 17, 2021 August Executive Board Meeting
July 01, 2021 NOVABAA Group Discount to One Life Fitness and Sport & Health
June 18, 2021 NOVABAA's Juneteenth Celebration
June 17, 2021 NOVABAA EDVA Group Admission
June 10, 2021 NOVABAA Group Discount from Westlaw
June 07, 2021 June Executive Board Meeting
June 01, 2021 NOVABAA's June Fitness Challenge
May 27, 2021 CLE - Personal Injury Practice 101
May 21, 2021 NOVABAA Professional Portraits and Headshots
May 10, 2021 NOVABAA's May Fitness Challenge
April 22, 2021 CLE - "Every superhero needs some theme music." The power of using Themes at trial. - David P. Baugh
April 13, 2021 General Body Meeting
April 01, 2021 NOVABAA's April Fitness Challenge
March 25, 2021 NOVABAA Virtual Trivia Night

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